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We offer a full range of services from setting up a basic book-keeping system to company accounts. MCA Accountants are here to meet all your accounting needs.

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We are a professional and reliable firm of tax specialists, tax advisers and payroll specialists. We can assist in tax matters for sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and charities.

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 Tax can be stressful and costly. MCA Accountants can help reduce your tax bill. We offer advice on HR, tax planning, tax strategies, business plans and information systems

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    Common Questions?

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    What is a company?

    When client’s set-up a company, they are forming a separate legal entity from themselves. There are two legal roles in a company that must be fulfilled and notified to Companies House:

    • Director – they are people, with legal responsibility for running the company. If the company incurs debts after the director realises the company is insolvent, they are personally liable for the debts incurred.
    • Shareholder – They are the owners of the company. They can be issued dividends out of company profits – which they are personally liable to pay tax on.  If a company has no profits, no dividends can be paid.

    Companies House must have the following returns, at least annually:

    • Company Accounts
    • Annual returns and statement of compliance.

    HMRC may also due a full set of accounts and business tax computation.

    Do I need an accountant?

    If you’re confident in your ability to deal with your business finances, it’s possible to prepare and file your own accounts.

    However, having an accountant can bring some big advantages. An accountant frees up your time by completing the following:

    • Filing returns
    • Account’s preparation.
    • Setting up new taxation services – PAYE, VAT & Self-Assessment etc.

    As your business grows, your accountant’s input will become more significant, covering essential areas like:

    • Financial reporting
    • Compliance
    • Payroll
    • Tax efficiency
    • Business planning

    An accountant can also save you money in many areas by increasing tax efficiency and improving cash flow. They can provide invaluable general support, by offering general business advice, discussing your ideas and future growth plans.

    Above all, a good accountant provides you with the reliable financial information you need to make key decisions and keeps you informed of changes in the financial markets and regulations.

    What is the Taxation system in the UK?

    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is responsible for administering and collecting taxes in the UK.

    HMRC administers the following taxes:

    • Income tax
    • National Insurance
    • Corporation tax
    • Capital gains tax
    • Inheritance tax
    • Stamp, land, and petroleum revenue taxes
    • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
    • Etc.

    When you register for self-assessment, you are notifying HMRC you need to complete the returns of a self-employed person for income tax and NIC Payments. You will be given a Unique Tax Payer Reference number (UTR), which will match the National Insurance number given to every person in the UK eligible to tax.

    The different taxes have different taxation rates, exemptions and administrative processes. Please speak to out in house taxation team today for more information.

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